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Incredible collection of St. Louis Cardinals team signed baseballs ranging from 1949 to 1959. Almost every signature is easily readable with the unidentified ones due to penmanship more than quality. Almost every signature rates about 7/10 of better. Also included in this outstanding collection of team signed balls are the autographs of Cardinal owner August Busch and the legendary Harry Caray, the long time Cardinal announcer. Only one of the balls is in bad physical condition. A must for the true St. Louis Cardinal fan!

1949 - George Sisler Official BB signed by 26 members of the 1949 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Reeder, Glaviano, Wilks, Nelson, Baker, Munger, Marion(SS), Slaughter(HOF), Northey, Jones, Schoendienst(HOF), Martin, H. Rice, Brazle, Lanier, Kazak, Diering, Pollett, Breeechen, Staley, Moore, D. Rice, Klein, Musial(HOF), Dyer, 1 unidentified. Very easy readable blue ink mostly 8/10 or better signatures.

1950 - ONL(Frick) BB signed by 24 members of the 1950 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Jones, Musial(HOF), Hemus, Breechen, Martin, Deal, Kazak, Nelson, Rojak, Slaughter(HOF), Pollett, Lanier, Howerton, Miller, Schoendienst(HOF), Garagiola, Glaviano, Rice, Brazle, C. Boyer, Marion(SS), Wilkes, Hearn, Diering. Very easily readable blue ink 7 to 8-9/10 signatures. 1953/54 - Unidentified BB signed by 22 members of the 1953/54 St. Louis Cardinals. There are two sweet spots with no markings. Players are: Jablonski(SS), Schoendienst(HOF)(SS), Hemus(2), T. Burgess, Presko, Brazle, Riddle, Ryba, Harry Caray, Haddix, Bilko, Mizell(SS), Slaughter(HOF)(SS), Rice, Dunlap, Collum, 5 unidentified. Only ball NOT in good condition. Looks to have ben water damaged at one time. Still, most of the blue ink signatures are readable 7-8/10.

1954 - ONL(Giles) BB signed by 24 members of the 1954 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Hemus, Castiglione, Schmidt, Presko, Mizell, Mancuso, August A. Busch, Yvars, Schoendienst(HOF), Jablonski, Rice, Staley, Miller, Ryba, Repulski, Bilko, Musial(HOF), Lowrey, Stanky(SS), H. White, Haddix, Doc Middli..., Slaughter(HOF), Anderson. Very easily readable blue ink 8/10 signatures.

1955 - ONL(Giles) BB signed by 28 members of the 1955 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Posedel, Whisenant, Arroyo, Elliott, Sarni, Musial(HOF), Repulski, Burbrink, Gettel, Grammas, Haddix, Stephenson, Poholsky, Wright, L. McDaniel, Schoendienst(HOF), Frazier, Mackinson, LaPalme, Moon, Schmidt, Boyer, Virdon, Jackson, Hemus, 3 unidentified. Very easily readable blue ink 7/10 signatures. A stamped Harry Walker is on the sweet spot.

1956 - ONL(Giles) BB signed by 19 members of the 1956 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Cooper, Wehmeier, Musial(HOF)(SS), Hutchinson(SS), H. Smith, Repulski, Schofield, Mizell, Posedel, Jackson, Dark, Katt, Lockman, Boyer, Poholsky, L. McDaniel, Morgan, Del Greco, Liddle. Very easily readable blue ink 7-8/10 signatures.

1957 - ONL(Giles) BB signed by 26 members of the 1957 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Schofield, B. G. Smith(2), V. McDaniel, Landrith, Ennis, Kasko, H. Smith, Noren, Muffett, Wehmeier, Martin, L. McDaniel, King, Mizell, Boyer, Moon, Blasingame, Jones, Musial(HOF)(SS), Hutchinson(SS), Merritt, Jackson, Blaylock, 2 unidentified. Very easily readable 7-9/10 blue ink signatures.

1958 - ONL(Giles) BB signed by 25 members of the 1958 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Chittum, Landrith, Wight, Musial(HOF)(SS), Hutchinson(SS), Noren, Muffett, Boyer, Paine, Mabe, Freese, H. Smith, Green, Stobbs, Maglie, Kasko, Moore, Moon, Blasingame, Mizell, Cunningham, Jackson, B. G. Smith, Ennis, 1 unidentified. Very easily readable 2 shades of blue ink 7-8 to 9/10 signatures.

1959 - ONL(Giles) BB signed by 20 members of the 1959 St. Louis Cardinals. Players are: Keane, Pollett, Walker, Crowe, Blasingame, Flood, Musial(HOF), Green, L. McDaniel, Jackson, Grammas, Boyer, Jeffcoat, Bridges, Cunningham, Hemus(SS), W. Shannon, Katt, B. Miller, Duliba. Very easily readable blue ink 7-9/10 signatures.

Pre-Certified by PSA/DNA.

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