The John Havlicek Collection & Other Important Sports Memorabilia and Cards:

April 2013 Spring Premier Auction:


The Bob Cousy Collection

The Honus WagnerCollection

The Arthur Ashe Collection

The Casey Stengel Collection

Mike Cramer

The Mike Cramer Card Collection


The May and Peter DeRose Babe Ruth Collection

Mitsuhiko Fujita

The Mitsuhiko Fujita Japanese Baseball Collection

Hunter Kaplan

The Hunter Kaplan Rare Scorecard & Program Collection


The Lutz Family Collection of Ted Williams Letters

Marc Lewis

The Marc Lewis Babe Ruth Collection


Bill Nowlin - Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame

Emory Perry

The Emory Perry Babe Ruth Collection

Douglas Triplett

The Douglas Triplett Card Collection


The Robert Feinberg Card Collection

Alan Marc Smith

The Alan Marc Smith Card Collection


The Allan Schwartz Collection

Richard Angrist

Richard AngristCollection

Basketball Collection

Basketball Jersey Collection

Kirk Harris

Kirk Harris T206 Collection

Steve Myland

Steve Myland Baseball Collection